About the Night

The search for quality never comes about by chance, but is always a precise choice. Such research lies at the basis of the Cusumano farm, founded by the brothers Alberto and Diego Cusumano in 2001 at Partinico (Sicily), with the aim of producing important wines that have a strong character and territorial features. Two basic elements were necessary to reach this excellence: suitable vineyard land for growing the grapes in a good position and the family’s careful and constant work in both the vineyard and cellar, supervised by an oenologist during their transition from the simplest to the more complex wines, and then to bottles with personality and character.

The family has been exploring Sicily for years to find the most suitable areas in which to plant its vineyards and thus was able to choose only the best. To date, the winery only produces wines from its own grapes, which come from the first vineyards located in such choice spots as Ficuzza, Butera, Monreale, Etna between Castiglione di Sicilia, Randazzo and Linguaglossa (Alta Mora) and Calatafimi. The second by a fortunate coincidence: a friend of Diego Cusumano was on friendly terms with Mario Ronco, a trained and experienced Piedmontese oenologist who turned out to be an ideal choice and who has worked with them from the start. In fact, since February 2001, he has been responsible for helping to make Cusumano a significant name in the world wine concepts.

This estate has never stopped growing and expanding in less than twenty years, while never abandoning its desire to achieve excellence and create a wide range of labels, like, for example, the Agimbè, the Benuara, the Cubìa, the Jalé, the Sàgana and the Moscato dello Zucco. The red Sicilia Doc Noà wine stands out from them all as a warm, well-balanced and persistent wine. A significant confirmation of what this territory has to offer.

The Wines

Catarratto sicilia doc 'lucido'

Tasting Note: Intense straw yellow in colour with fruity and aromatic herbal notes, exotic fruits and candied citrus. Smooth, fresh, and concentrated flavours with a lovely minerality on the finish.

Vinification: Cold pressing with skins and fist fermentation at a temperature of 8°C for around 12 hours. Soft second pressing. Cold decanting and fermentation at a temperature of 18°‐20°C, period on the lees in stainless steel containers for at least 4 months, successive fining in the bottle.

Grape Varieties: Catarratto | ABV: 12.5% | Closure: Glass Cap


Tasting note: Angimbe’ takes its name from the forest that borders the town of Salemi. The wine has a unique bouquet ranging from fresh flowers to ripe tropical fruits. Medium bodied with good intensity and a flamboyant fruit cocktail finish. A pleasing partnership of the indigenous Sicilian Insolia grape and the elegant, international Chardonnay.

Vinification: Predominantly Insolia (70%) and Chardonnay (30%) grapes are hand harvested from hillside vineyards in Cusumano’s Ficuzza Estate. On arrival at the winery, cold maceration on the skins for 12 hours at 8°C. The grapes are then fermented at between 18°-20°C in stainless steel tanks. The wine is then stored on its lees for 4 months before bottling and release.

Grape Varieties: Chardonnay & Insolia | ABV: 14% | Closure: Glass Cap


Tasting Notes: Rustic-red in colour with luscious aromas of blackberry and raspberry jam. The palate is dominated by rich, red fruit flavours with waves of spices. The name Benuara comes from the small red flowers that grow near the vineyards.

Vinification: The Benuara vineyards are located in the Alcamese district in the province of Trapani at an altitude of 820ft above sea level. The total area encompasses 172 acres of clay-based soils that produce highly structured wines. The Néro d’Avola (70%) and Syrah (30%) grapes are hand-harvested and destemmed on arrival at the winery followed by cold maceration for 2 days. Traditional fermentation with frequent re-circulation and removal of the must. Malolactic fermentation in stainless steel, followed by ageing in stainless steel (80%) and in 20HL barrels.

Grape Varieties: Nero d’Avola & Syrah | ABV: 14% | Closure: Glass Cap


Tasting Notes: Lots of pepper and spice character in addition to dark fruits here. Full body, round tannins and a savoury finish.

Vinification: The Néro d’Avola grapes come from south facing vines with an average age of 20 years. Espallier at a density of 5,000 plants per hectare, producing 6,000kg grapes per hectare. They are manually harvested, for this vintage in the first 10 days of September. On arrival at the winery, they are de-stemmed and fermentation took place at controlled temperatures of 28-30ºC followed by malolactic fermentation in oak 20HL barrels. The wine remains in the same barrels for 12 months for maturation before a brief period in bottle before release.

Grape Varieties: Nero d’Avola| ABV: 15% | Closure: Natural Cork


Tasting Notes: Strong sunshine and fertile soils give this wine an extra boost in intensity and overall mouthfeel. Golden honey, candied fruit and sweet almond paste flavours drive the experience.

Vinification: Moscato Bianco grapes are selected in the vineyard and placed in a single layer in perforated crates with a capacity of approximately 3 kg. Drying takes place in the cellar until the initial weight is reduced by 50% and after very soft pressing and 12 hours static decanting, the must goes on to ferment in oak caratelli (small barrels), where it remains until bottling.

Grape Varieties: Moscato Bianco| ABV: 13% | Closure: Natural Cork

"The aim is to have fun and enjoy a glass or two."

With the later addition of Gianluca our manager and his passion and knowledge of the wine, we are delighted to launch our WINE CLUB DINNER, this is an amazing opportunity to experience a tasting menu and wine pairing to represent each region of our beautiful ITALIA, most of our upcoming event will be hosted by the wine producers when possible our our own Gianluca will share his passion with you all.